Antique and Collectable Fairs

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Antiques and Collectables Fairs

We are proud of our antique fairs and the support we have received from the dealers who have traded at the fairs over the years and the visitors who attend them, without them all, our fairs wouldn't exist. We organise each fair as if its our first, never slacking in detail and promoting and marketing them to encourage as many visitors as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our fabulous venues.

How We Started

Our Antique Fairs began life March 2015 at the historic Bantock House in Wolverhampton. The fair was well received and quickly expanded into every available space at the venue and became a regular monthly event.

The historic setting was a different and perfect backdrop for antiques and gave us the inspiration to source other similar venues and we were thrilled in 2019 to secure the former stately home Himley Hall, a premier venue in Dudley. The fairs grew from strength to strength with waiting lists for Exhibitor spaces.

Next came Hartlebury Castle, Worcestershire in 2022. As soon as we made our first visit to survey the venue and were enveloped in history we knew once again it was perfect to showcase antiques.

Due to the popularity and demand for Exhibitor spaces we knew we needed to add a larger venue and this year 2024 we are delighted to announce a new fair at the prestigious Cheltenham Racecourse, we would like to say this completes our catalogue of fairs but probably not ! We are always seeking the different and unusual.
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