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Organiser (P&V Rowson)
Exhibitor (Persons responsible for stand)

The terms and conditions outlined apply to all Exhibitors who stand at any/all of the Antiques and Collectors Fairs operated by P & V Rowson (Organiser)


  1. All bookings are subject to the following Terms & Conditions.
  2. Exhibitors are responsible for the sale of their items, to include compliance with the Law and other Authorities including Trading Standards.
  3. The sale of restricted goods is strictly prohibited at all events operated by the Organiser. The Organiser reserve the right to ask an Exhibitor to remove items from their stand that are not acceptable or may cause distress or offence.
  4. Exhibitors are solely responsible for their stock, items, displays and personal effects at all times, including during unloading, setting up, breaking down, loading and during public opening hours. Stands must remain safely accessible, clear of obstruction and hazards at all times.
  5. Neither the Organiser nor the relevant Venue will accept any responsibility for loss, damage or injury related to or caused by an Exhibitors stock/display or negligent actions. Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that they possess current Liability Insurance.
  6. Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring any electrical appliance used for display or sale have an up to date PAT certificate. The use of domestic appliances inc kettles is not permitted.
  7. Stands are not transferable. Prior permission is required and updated details to be provided before the sub-letting of part or whole of the stand.
  8. Once unloaded Exhibitors are responsible for moving their vehicles to the designated Exhibitor parking if applicable. All vehicles are parked at Owner’s risk.
  9. No early breaking down/ packing away, vehicles will not be allowed in the loading areas without prior permission from the Organiser.
  10. Stand bookings are subject to availability and payment is required in advance to secure your booking. (Payment details as per booking form) A receipt will be issued once payment has been received.
  11. Exhibitor cancellations within 30 days of a Fair date will only be considered for a refund/transfer of date at the Organisers discretion. Cancellations within 14 days of a fair date will NOT be refunded or transferred.
  12. The Organiser will not be under obligation to refund for a Fair being abandoned, cancelled, postponed due to Acts of God, fire, flood, emergancy, war, terrorist act or causes not within the Organiser’s control.
  13. In the event of Fire/Incident, Exhibitors must strictly follow and comply with instruction and procedure from the Organiser, Event Staff and Venue Staff.
  14. Exhibitors should report any incident or hazard to the Organiser immediately.
  15. The Organiser may take photographs at the fairs to use for their purpose only for publication to promote future fairs. Please make it known if you don’t wish for your stand/items to be photographed or if you wish images to be removed.
  16. There may be additional requirements imposed by the Organiser, the Venue or External Body. In these instances, the additional requirements will be communicated as deemed appropriate.

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